CombiFix-II gappingline. 


The CombiFix-II is the sucessor of the most succesfull gapping and correction machine for youngplant trays ever. The CombiFix-II is still based on a one-frame machine. The accuracy and speed dramatically improved and the CombiFix-II is with distance the best and fastest gapping machine worldwide. It selects the incoming trays on the optical appearance of each individual plant. Empty plugs, or bad and too smal plants are removed at the a blow-out section. Empty plugs are collected and discarded from the CombiFix-II through a waste conveyor belt. Now, the CombiFix-II will allocate one tray as a donor tray which provides the plants. Other trays will receive plants, thus being corrected to 100% full trays with qualified plants.

With use of the TTA pusherpin system, even fragile plants with an incomplete rooting system can be handled with almost no damage to the rootplug. The advantage of repairing trays is an optimum use of available space, uniformity in plant material and plant development and proces optimization during automatic transplanting.

Consequently, the market is asking for 100% filled young plant trays for use with automated transplanting. There’s no other machine on the market available which offers the quality and speed of the CombiFix.

The CombiFix-II is designed as a small single frame (3,8 x 2,2 meter) in which all processes occur. Destacking units and discard rollers are available.


Capacity ph
  12.000 - 20.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 30 mm
Air consumption
  535 ltr. / min
Energy consumption
  5 kW
Machine weight
  2250 kg
CombiFix-II movies
CombiFix Gen2 - Beekenkamp Plants
CombiFix Gen2 - Florensis
CombiFix Gen2 - Syngenta