Customer story: Gartenbau Ludger Honnen

Gartenbau Ludger Honnen produce around 4,5 million pots on a 34.000 m2 area. They are specialized in blooming indoor plants, balcony plants and bedding plants. This year, TTA provided Gartenbau Ludger Honnen with a MidiCurve tranplanting robot.

Thanks to the Midi, they reduce two to three workers, pots looks much better and even plants with underdeveloped roots can be transplanted.

Some specs; Gartenbau Ludger Honnen produce per hour around 8.000 pots size 9 and 10,5 cm and 7.200 pots size 13 cm. The capacity for the mixed pots (three plants per pot) is 5.000 pots per hour.