FlexSorter XF at Allplant

A while ago we started the development of a new grading line for Allplant, the FlexSorter XF. Allplant strives to supply their clients with the highest quality in plants from tissue culture and plants in plug. The FlexSorter XF fully meets the high expectations of Allplant. Meanwhile, TTA has installed the new grading line at several clients and introduced the FlexSorter XF officially at IPM Essen.

Key features of the FlexSorter XF:

  • VisionPlus camera selection system
  • Each plant is only picked-up once which makes the FlexSorter-XF highly suitable for fragile and sensitive plants
  • High capacity
  • Each plant is only picked-up once which results in less plant damage
  • ​Automatic disinfection system

Thanks to Allplant for their trust in TTA and the pleasant cooperation.​