TTA has been nominated by Logiqs BV to participate in the FlowerBoostChallenge. Yesterday, TTA donated Bromelia’s and ornamental pineapple plants from Stofbergen Plant Company to Graafzicht. We want to cheer up the residents, who are unfortunately not allowed to receive visitors in this period, and encourage the hard-working staff.

Let’s support the floriculture sector in these hard times by buying flowers from a local grower or florist. We nominate SMC, VDL RPI Metaal and SigmaControl to join the FlowerBoostChallenge and make it as big as possible!

The FlowerBoostChallenge is a great initiative from Van der Ende Groep.

How does it work?

  • You get nominated by a person/company
  • You buy flowers (from a grower or florist) for staff / colleagues / friends / neighbors / or you name it
  • ​Share it on social media with #FlowerBoostChallenge