HeroFestival 2020

'Hacking work in the Food & Flower industry by Tech and Talent’ is this year’s theme of the third (off- and online) edition of HeroFestival on Tuesday the 6th of October. Our CCO, Bram Verschoor, takes the stage together with our client Michiel van Veen, Directors Supply Chain and Operations at Royal Lemkes. Join our interactive session about data driven manufacturing and how Royal Lemkes has implemented this in cooperation with Eurotec.

This year, we implemented our newly invented Argos Inspection system at Royal Lemkes. In distribution, inspection of goods receipt can be a significant bottleneck. In addition to the extensive audit work, it is also a very error-prone process. By implementing the Argos system, inspection can be fully automated by making use of innovative vision technology. Products on a load carrier are reported in one go and at the same time the position of the product on the load carrier is known. The height of the products will also be measured, which is a very important parameter for the distribution of goods.

We are looking forward to join HeroFestival and introduce you the Argos system.

Register via herofestival.nl to join the livestream.