New high-capacity template line at Emsflower

Emsflower, who already operates six large TTA transplanting lines decided to continue their cooperation with TTA and incorporated a new transplanting line on their Emsbühren production site. A universal and high-speed flexible transplanting line was needed. It should do all the transplanting jobs, into the smallest packs or the largest pots.

The result is a transplanting line with the unique feature that it can switch from pots to packs by only replacing the molds. This ensures a smooth and easy change-over between the different types of pots and packs. Since there was no template filler on the market which med the needs of Emsflower, TTA and Emsflower decided to cooperate and developed a brand new template filler: the FlexFiller. The FlexFiller fills pots in trays at a very high capacity and with a minimum on recirculated substrate. Emsflower is happy with their new production line because of the versatility, reliability and high capacity.

Thanks to Emsflower for the pleasant cooperation for over than ten years now.