TTA recently installed two transplanting lines at Lovania Nurseries, UK. 

Lovania Nurseries is a family-run business and one of the largest bedding plant nurseries of the UK with a production of over 65 million plants annually. They are specialized in bedding, alpines, flowering- and bulb pot plants. Last year Lovania Nurseries decided to order equipment at TTA for the first time. The order consists of two complete transplanting lines which are able to transplant from young plant trays into packs.
The delivered TTA lines process the new PET packs and facilitate the entire transplanting process:

  • Destacking PET packs
  • Fill with substrate
  • Transplant from young plant trays into packs
  • Automatic application of carrying handles
  • Ability for manual correction
  • Discharge to the greenhouse

The two transplanting lines have a combined capacity of 80.000 plants per hour.
Thanks to Lovania Nurseries for the pleasant cooperation. We wish them all the best with their transplanting lines!