Bedding plants

TTA is highly experienced in the development and production of equipment for bedding plants.

We offer bedding plant nurseries complete transplanting lines for pots and packs.

Our equipment is well-known when it comes to:

a complete tray change takes less than 10 minutes.

with a capacity up to 50.000 plants per hour.

minimize plant and plug damage to get optimal planting results.

We can provide small nurseries with the PackPlanter S, our low priced transplanter with a high capacity in the smallest possible frame.

FlexPlanter VIEW
PackPlanter VIEW
PackPlanter S VIEW
MidiFlat VIEW
MidiPot VIEW
MidiVision VIEW
CuttingEdge VIEW
Manual sticking line VIEW
Mobile Blow Out VIEW
MidiPacking VIEW
PackDestacker VIEW
Watering line VIEW
PotSorter VIEW
FlexFiller VIEW
High-capacity template line for both pots and packs VIEW
Transplanting line for grow-blocks VIEW
Template transplanting line VIEW
Pot transplanting, placing & spacing line VIEW
Transplanting line for packs VIEW