Midi Transplanter - Ruhe Varens

Smart combination of transplanting from tray to tray and from tray to pot!

FlexSorter - Meewisse Plants

Watch the movie of the FlexSorter at Meewisse Plants.

Majestic, BOCK & TTA introduce ground-breaking TC transplantation method

In a joint effort to modernise tissue culture transplanting, Majestic Youngplants from Australia, BOCK Bio Science from Germany, and TTA from the Netherlands introduced a transplanting method that will shake the tissue culture market to its core. The outcome of a highly successful collaboration boosts average nursery capacities from 3,500 tissue cultures transplanted per day, to 15,000 per hour.

High capacity transplanting line for packs for Kwekerij Baas

The pansies for next spring of Kwekerij Baas in The Netherlands have almost been planted! From now on with the support of a completely new TTA Transplanting Line with a capacity up to 50.000 plants per hour.

TTA’s small-sized transplanter PackPlanter S now available

TTA released a small-sized transplanter that is now the youngest member of its PackPlanter family. With its 16 grippers, the PackPlanter S comprises a capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 plugs per hour in the smallest possible frame. Thanks to its small size and low price, the PackPlanter S is especially suited for small-scale nurseries.

TTA launches novel Trayscan app

With the launch of TTA’s “Trayscan” app, the plant handling sector is taking a leap forward. By means of a simple download, plant handlers around the world take the human hands and eyes out of counting germinated seeds. For the negligible amount of €99.99, the app is now available on Google Play. Do you like a preview, please send a picture of your tray to trayscan@tta.eu