What if you could automate a labor- and cost-intensive process like manually removing tulips from crates? TTA is dedicated to revolutionizing the bulb sector by introducing high-tech automation solutions that prioritize efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and optimize production processes.

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BulbPacker - Innovation by TTA

The BulbPacker automatically removes tulips from crates and positions them on a delivery belt. And that with a capacity of 16.000 - 20.000 bulbs per hour.

The BulbPacker not only saves labor costs but also significantly increases the efficiency of the packaging process. With the BulbPacker, we offer tulip farms the opportunity to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. The machine is easy to integrate into existing systems and ensures a smooth transition to an automated workflow.

How does this sound?

Tremendous efficiency improvement in your packing process.

Direct measurable effect in your workflow.

Less dependency on scarce and expensive staff.

Quick payback through substantial savings in labor costs.

How can we contribute to your success?

We understand that each business is unique, so we're committed to tailoring our automation solutions to meet your needs. We are here to understand and address your challenges. How can we contribute to your success? We'd like to start the conversation today.

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