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TTA’s small-sized transplanter PackPlanter S now available

TTA released a small-sized transplanter that is now the youngest member of its PackPlanter family. With its 16 grippers, the PackPlanter S comprises a capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 plugs per hour in the smallest possible frame. Thanks to its small size and low price, the PackPlanter S is especially suited for small-scale nurseries.



Trayscan App

Are you doing a lot of plant counting to have an insight in the germination result of a tray or a batch of trays? Check the following app:


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TTA feels very strongly about equipment innovation, flexibility and commitment to service. Our entire equipment line as well as (vision) software is produced in house, assuring that it complies with the highest requirements and can be serviced by our employees. Because of this, TTA has built a solid reputation among our customers who are based all over the globe.