More and more nurseries choose TTA for the automation of their entire production process. In close cooperation with our reliable partners, we take care of these complete projects. All machines are seamlessly integrated and our clients can rely on the highest standard in project support thanks to our experienced project managers.
High-capacity template line for both pots and packs

A universal and high-speed flexible transplanting line which is able to do all the transplanting jobs, into the smallest packs or the largest pots. 

Packing line for trees

A selection and packing line for tree young plants.

Transplanting line for grow-blocks

A complete processing line for depiling and transplanting of grow blocks.

Template transplanting line

A high-speed template transplanting line for various dimensions of packs and pots. Complete with automatic loading on table trolleys.

Pot transplanting, placing & spacing line

A complete automation for transplanting, placing and spacing of individual pots.

Transplanting line for packs

Automatic depiling, filling and selective transplanting.