Growing together. Around the world, the call to plant more trees is getting louder and louder. Forests have shrunk due to extensive deforestation, diseases and climate change. Together with the large demand to reduce CO2 emissions, there is an increasing demand for renewable materials. Planting more trees is one of the most powerful tools to achieve these goals! We want to leave the world better than we found it. Together we can make a difference. Are you in? Let’s grow together.  

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We care for trees

Since early 2000, we provide our clients worldwide with high-tech automation solutions for handling, selecting, and packing forestry plants. What sets us apart is that we are dedicated to meet our clients' needs. Innovation and engineering are key. It results in outstanding equipment for both small and large forestry young plants.




Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Our society is in the midst of a transition from oil-based materials to renewable materials. The need for more wood based materials is rising strongly. In combination with the consequences of climate change, it results in a high demand for forest seedlings.

Worldwide, many forestry projects are already being set up to preserve, restore, or recreate forest ecosystems. TTA contributes by supplying our forestry clients with outstanding automation solutions for handling and selecting young living trees. It makes us proud to actively contribute to the growth of forests worldwide and our clients' businesses.

Growing together

Scale up your forestry seedling nursery

Looking for ways to achieve greater efficiency and higher production output? Within the forestry sector, TTA is a key player when it comes to automation. We are happy to show you our references, methods, and unique automation solutions from seed to deliverable plants.

Automation will always lead to lower production costs, increased greenhouse efficiency, and a higher yield. Interested? Please get in touch with one of our consultants to discuss your specific needs. Together with our network of experienced and reliable partners, we take care of your project.