FlexSorter XF

The FlexSorter XF is an ultra high-speed automatic selecting line which can sort and transplant young plants into different grades.


The FlexSorter XF is provided with our VisionPlus camera selection system, which features three camera's and can be extended with more camera's for selection based on multiple angles, or alternatively to select based on different technologies (RGB and/or IR).

The FlexSorter XF conveys the donor trays into the machine by means of a chain belt, which buffers trays. When the tray is in the correct position, the pick and place unit moves to the first row and picks up plugs form the donor tray with our in-house developed plant grippers. At the same time, our pusher pin system comes up from underneath and push up the plants. A verry useful method, especially for plant material with under- or overdeveloped roots. 

Upon pick up, the pick and place unit moves to the selection position. At this position, our imaging system qualifies every single plant by using camera units. After qualification, the plants are transplanted into trays / packs which are positioned on the destination conveyor belt. Waste plugs are dropped on a small conveyor belt when the pick and place unit returns for the following row of plants.

Each plant gripper is driven by its own individual direct linear drive motor unit, controlled by an individual microprocessor. This unique TTA development enables you to teach new trays and plant patterns very easily. In order to reduce plant damage, the plant grippers can pick-up the plants with an adjustable shift movement. The number of plant grippers depends at the required capacity and tray size.


Capacity ph
  10.000 - 30.000 plugs