Altman Plants continues their collaboration with TTA USA, LLC by ordering four PackPlanter Wireless transplanters

Altman Plants has chosen for further automation of their facilities by ordering new equipment from TTA. This expansion allows them to achieve a higher production capacity, decrease labor costs and to improve the quality of their plantings.
TTA and Altman Plants have had a partnership for several years now. Altman Plants invests highly in the automation of their facilities to keep their company in a leading position. Through the years, the company has transformed into a wholesale nursery business encompassing over 3,000 acres in seven states. Altman Plants services many leading national retailers, supermarkets and independent nurseries.
The order at TTA consists of four PackPlanter Wireless Split 48’s with gripper cleaning stations and automatic tray loading systems. They have chosen the PackPlanter Wireless because of the high-speed, up to 60,000 plugs per hour and the flexibility of the individual driven plant grippers. It allows them to transplant into trays, packs or pots in shuttle trays.
We are delighted that Altman Plants chose again for TTA to expand their production capacity and are looking forward to put the new equipment in operation around November 2019.

About Altman Plants
A passion for plants has been Altman Plants’ founding mission since 1975. Starting out as backyard hobbyists, Ken and Deena Altman have created not only the country’s largest and most recognized wholesale nurseries, but also the world’s largest succulent grower. Today, their son, Matt Altman, is Co-President and is leading the company into the next generation. The company’s growing operations encompass ten different locations across the United States and provides annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, poinsettias, shrubs, blooming tropicals, roses, and succulents.  Altman Plants also breeds its own patented, one-of-a-kind succulents and roses.
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