Kube-Pak has signed a contract for a PackPlanter wireless transplanter

Kube-Pak is a wholesale greenhouse, located in Allentown, New Jersey, maintaining 865,000 square feet (20 acres) of gutter-connected double-poly greenhouses. In these greenhouses they grow plugs, bedding plants, hanging baskets, and flowering potted plants. Kube-Pak is owned and operated by the Swanekamp family.
Kube-Pak is currently using a transplanter from TTA. This transplanter is approximately eighteen years old (!) but is still functioning very well. To increase their capacity, and address their more diversified production needs, Kube-Pak has decided to invest in a new high-tech transplanter from TTA, the PackPlanter wireless provided with 48 individual driven plant grippers. The PackPlanter wireless is very suitable for Kube-Pak because of the flexibility and increased production speed.
Thanks to Kube-Pak for their trust in TTA USA, LLC again. We are looking forward to putting the new transplanting line in operation this Fall.