TTA’s small-sized transplanter PackPlanter S now available

Bleskensgraaf, September 27, 2017 – TTA released a small-sized transplanter that is now the youngest member of its PackPlanter family. With its 16 grippers, the PackPlanter S comprises a capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 plugs per hour in the smallest possible frame. Thanks to its small size and low price, the PackPlanter S is especially suited for small-scale nurseries.

The PackPlanter S provides a solution for nurseries too small to justify the purchase of a larger transplanter. Steve Biles, General Manager TTA USA, explains: “In the US we see that smaller growers experience difficulties recruiting seasonal workers for the transplanting work. As a result, they wish to automate the process. Until TTA launched the PackPlanter S, these growers had to either compromise on transplanting quality or consider investing in large and expensive transplanters that exceeded their production needs. With the PackPlanter S, a better option has become available to them.”

The PackPlanter S is already proving its worth at Parker Wilson Farms in Pottsboro, Texas, USA. This farm is split between two smaller fields remotely located from each other. The distance between the two locations ruled out the purchase of a single, larger transplanter. Now, one of two branches is accommodated with a PackPlanter S; plans to purchase another PackPlanter for the second branch, have already been discussed.

The PackPlanter S can transplant into trays, packs and pots in shuttle trays. It offers an easy-to-use interface with built-in self-diagnosis. TTA USA is currently working to ensure availability of the PackPlanter S to other markets as of October 2017.

PackPlanter S
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