Selection system for 100% transplanting on Midi. This selection system has the possibility to check a tray from the top on the presence of sufficient green leaves with our in-house developed imaging system.


The MidiVision allows for a combination of selection and transplanting. During infeed into the Midi, our imaging systems checks the trays from above. In order to be effective, plants should not be too large and not cover the cells of the neighbor plants. According to the selection result, plant grippers will only pick up plants which have been classified. Empty plugs will remain in the tray.

By making use of our imaging system, the number of transplanted plants per step is now dynamic. As a result of that, the destination conveyor belt is adapted according to the transplanted number of plants.


Capacity ph
  5.000 - 40.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 60 mm