In distribution, inspection of goods receipt can be a significant bottleneck. In addition to the extensive audit work, it is also a very error-prone process.

Our solution

By implementing the Argos system, inspection can be fully automated by making use of innovative vision technology. Products on a load carrier are reported in one go and at the same time the position of the product on the load carrier is known. The height of the products will also be measured, which is a very important parameter for the distribution of goods.

The machine meets the following characteristics:

  • The height of the products is determined per barrel
  • The height per barrel is compared with values from a database and adjusted in the database in the event of deviations (QR code)
  • The location of the casks on the load carrier is determined and stored (the products on the load carrier are known in advance, the location within one load carrier is unknown) (QR code)
  • An RFID tag or barcode on the front side of the load carrier is recognized
  • Overview photos are taken of the entire load carrier so that image material is available from each side of the load carrier.


  • The transit of the load carrier is done manually OR via a Lowpad
  • All goods are in a barrel with a QR code (no loose pots)
  • The resolution for the height measurement is approximately 6 mm
  • The load carrier has a maximum height of 2550 mm.
  • Compact solution (limited footprint)
  • Good mobility of the machine
  • Flexible programmable