The LINR is a high speed lineair moving picking & placing robot.


The LINR is driven by servo drives which results in versatility and speed. The LINR can be supplied in several width sizes from 2000 mm upto a whopping 6000 mm. Several options can be supplied such as an advancing system for mobile containers or trolleys, a shift movement in the pot fork, a wide belt to place pots in (shuttle)trays, a full automatic change over system for the pot forks and even individual driven moving pot forks for full flexibility in picking & placing.


Capacity ph
  1.000 - 10.000 pots
Pot diameter
  6 - 35 cm
Air consumption
  4 ltr. / min
Energy consumption
  3 kW
Machine weight
  600 kg
LINR movies
LINR Jens Meyer Jungpflanzen
LINR Westhoff