The PotSorter is a high-quality fully automatic grading line for pots.


The PotSorter will grade pots into four classifications. The pots will be fed into the machine by making use of a conveyor belt. After positioning the pots are scanned with our in-house developed imaging system. It takes one picture from above and one image from the side. The PotSorter ensures enough distance between the pots, so leafs will not overlap.

The pots are scanned on color, negative color, plant volume, height, stam thickness, root development or a combination of these. All commands are Windows driven and very intuitive. The software is capable of generating output files that consist of: amount of plants, batches and corresponding classification numbers. Depending at the classification the pots will be pushed on the right conveyor belt.

The PotSorter is mounted on a mobile frame with wheels including two camera’s, camera cupboard, lightning, PC, screen, keyboard, mouse and four conveyors for the different classifications plus waste.


Capacity ph
  3.000 pots