The Pot Sorter is a high-quality full automatic grading line for pots.


The PotSorter will grade pots into 4 classifications. It works with a double camera system. It takes one picture from above and one image from the side.
The VisionPlus software runs under Windows, which is user friendly. Working with the VisionPlus software is an easy job. The camera system can sort on plant color, plant size, plant height and plant wide. 
All commands are windows-driven en very intuitive. Standard, all our software is capable of generating output files that show what has been done: amount of plants, batches and corresponding classification numbers.
Function: The pots will be fed into the machine by a conveyor belt. When the pots are in the right position the camera takes a picture and makes a decision about the dimensions or colors of the plants. To take a good picture it’s important that the pots have enough distance between each other. So leafs will not overlap each other. Depending at the classicification the pots will be pushed on the right conveyor belt.
The PotSorter is mounted on a mobile frame with wheels including two camera’s, camera cupboard, lightning, PC, screen, keyboard, mouse and four conveyors for the different classifications plus waste.


Capacity ph
  3.000 pots
Plug diameter
Air consumption
Energy consumption
Machine weight