The PotDestacker is a compact machine designed for swift and precise destacking of pots. With a focus on speed and accuracy, this innovative solution is perfect for optimizing your pot-handling processes.


Compact design
The PotDestacker boasts a space-efficient design without compromising on capacity. It efficiently handles the destacking of pots, ensuring a seamless workflow in limited spaces.

High-speed performance
Speed is of the essence, and the PotDestacker delivers. Experience accelerated pot destacking, significantly boosting overall operational efficiency.


Large buffer capacity
Enhance your production line with the PotDestacker's large buffer capacity. This feature allows for the stacking of a considerable number of pots, minimizing interruptions and ensuring a continuous workflow.

XL and Duo XL variants available:
Tailor the PotDestacker to your specific needs with the XL and Duo XL variants. These options provide even greater flexibility and enhanced capabilities, catering to a diverse range of production requirements.

PotDestacker XL

PotDestacker Duo XL