High-capacity template line for pots and packs

A universal and high-speed flexible transplanting line which is able to do all the transplanting jobs, into the smallest packs or the largest pots. 


The result is a transplanting line with the unique feature that it can switch from pots to packs by only replacing the molds. This ensures a smooth and easy change-over between the different types of pots and packs. Since there was no template filler on the market which med the needs of our customer, TTA developed a brand-new template filler: the FlexFiller. The FlexFiller fills pots in trays at a very high capacity and with a minimum on recirculated substrate.

The line consists of the following equipment:



  1 or 2
Capacity ph
  Upto 18.000 pots / 2.800 packs
Plug diameter
  10 - 50 mm
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